A Cake Always Tastes Better With Icing

A Cake Always Tastes Better With Icing


Building a room is like baking a cake. Here at EHF we recommend that you save about 10% of your budget to finish your room with accessories.

A cake always tastes better with icing just as a room looks best with the proper lighting, area rug, artwork on the walls and colourful toss cushions to complete the look you are going for.

undressed room

dressed room

The picture above shows a room with a beautiful leather sofa a complimentary chair, a coffee table and a bookcase. When I added the art, plants, toss cushions and accessories the room comes to life giving me the look that I was after.

Come in and see me and we’ll bake that cake together.

Chalene has always had an aptitude for design and décor. She started off her career as a visual merchandiser and a freelance window dresser in the fashion industry. Naturally drawn to high quality furniture, Chalene has been in furniture sales since 2009. Allow her expertise to guide you in your purchase decisions.