Ask And You Shall Receive – Make Your Vision A Reality

Ask And You Shall Receive – Make Your Vision A Reality

 What is your vision for your room? Chances are you’ve put a lot of thought into this. If you have an image in your head don’t be afraid to share that with me. I probably have the resources here at EHF to help you make that image a reality but I don’t have a crystal ball.


ask and you shall receive

Tell me how you would like your room to feel to you. As a sales consultant I look for key words like, rustic, cozy, contemporary or traditional when you are describing your ideal space. This gives me a much better idea of what to suggest and increases the odds of hitting the mark. Now a day’s people invest a lot of time looking at websites for inspiration. Sites like Houzz and Pinterest are pinned in nearly everyone’s favorites. If you have been collecting images bring them in, show me on your tablet or phone. I may not have that exact model but I am happy to show you something that can give you the same kind of look or feeling that you can customize with a wide range of fabric or finish choices. Our catalogues and suppliers offer many more options than our showroom is able to display and I am happy to share these resources with you too.

Bring in your room measurements or book an in home consultation. I consider myself a great sounding board for you to help flesh out your ideas and make the best decisions for you and your family.Share your vision, at the end of the day your room is all about you. I pride myself in helping you find the things that you desire to make your house a home.

As a former home décor store owner and furniture designer/builder, Cheryl not only understands the importance of custom, quality furniture products, but she also possesses a deep commitment to understanding her customers’ personal style. At EHF, Cheryl demonstrates her creative side by helping guide customers to find furniture and home décor items conducive to their needs.