Does your bedroom have enough storage?

Does your bedroom have enough storage?

Small bedrooms can look untidy resulting in – clutter!

Clutter usually stems from not having enough space for dressers or a small closet that can’t accommodate a lot of clothes not to mention off season items, shoes, bags, extra bedding, pillows, sheets, jewlery etc.

Condos, apartments and most homes are usually built with smaller bedrooms so clutter can manifest quickly. Studies show that clutter impairs our thinking, resulting in poor concentration, increased stress, poor sleep.

Have you ever considered how much space your bed takes up in your room? It is the largest piece of furniture in the room and it only has one function –sleep!

Why don’t you turn that bed into a great storage space?

EHF has the perfect solution

The storage bed!!

This amazing storage bed has 6 large double drawers to hold extra bedding, out of season clothes, shoes, jewellery, etc.

For more storage put a second in your spare bedroom. With this well concealed design your guests won’t even know the drawers are there.

Kids will love the ease at getting to their clothes and personal possessions in the youth beds.

You can personalize your bed by picking your wood color and fabric for the headboard. Best of all it’s made in Canada.

Does your bedroom have enough space?

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