Fabrics For The Busy Family

Fabrics For The Busy Family

Are you a busy family looking for furniture with durable fabrics that suit your lifestyle?

fabrics for the busy family

Here at EHF we sell brands like Hallagan, Fairfield and Best that offers fabrics called revolution and crypton; made with you in mind. They’re cleanable, soft to touch, heavy duty, stain resistant and sunlight resistant.

Revolution fabrics are recyclable, made in the U.S and are environmentally conscious by processing the byproducts into new and useful materials. Crypton fabrics have a reputation in innovation and a leader in performance. With such great options to consider, EHF has just the right furniture for you.

Chalene has always had an aptitude for design and décor. She started off her career as a visual merchandiser and a freelance window dresser in the fashion industry. Naturally drawn to high quality furniture, Chalene has been in furniture sales since 2009. Allow her expertise to guide you in your purchase decisions.