Many of us in Essex County get the Winter Blues. They are generally defined as, a feeling of depression or deep unhappiness associated with experiencing the cold and darkness of winter. I don’t think that winter has to get you down. In fact I think that you should bring in the Blues… in upholstery and decor that is.

Glidden, Dulux and Pantone all predict blue to be a dominant colour in both the Fashion and Interior Design industries. We are already seeing an upswing in the number of new fabric introductions in the blue family being offered by our suppliers and our walls are teaming with artwork embracing the blue trend as well. And why not?

It is a known fact that the colour blue affects us in many positive ways. It is said to be calming, it cools and it bolsters creativity and intuition. People who are fond of blue are thought to have the shared personality characteristics of being trustworthy, dependable, faithful and optimistic. How many more reasons could you possibly need to embrace the colour Blue?

toss out the winter blues   toss out the winter blues

Sherri finds joy and satisfaction in helping others, as demonstrated by her time as a vocalist and mom of four. Sherri combines her life experiences with her interests in fashion, art and healthy living to provide her customers with a true EHF experience.