Are you Making this Harder Than it Needs to be?

  The angst we see each day with customers tying themselves in knots over decorating. We put such pressure on ourselves to create the perfect room. The average consumer spends less time committing to a house or a forty plus thousand dollar vehicle than a sofa.

   Customers spend months debating fabrics and pillow choices. We torture ourselves with images on Pinterest and Houzz which are not easily replicated for price points that most of us are comfortable with .We live in a constant state of disappointment that our homes will never look like these professionally staged spaces. These sites can help you narrow in on your preferences but really can’t be taken to literally.

So how do we manage through the labyrinth of choices offered today’s consumer? It can be done if you try to take some of the  emotion out of it. Keeping a few of these tips in mind can help you stay on track.todo-list-297195__340

  • Keep in mind that only you and your family will have to live with your choice. The more people you ask the more opinions you will get. If you choose to phone a friend be sure they support your vision.
  • Be clear about how you want to use the room and who will be using it. Focus on function and stay on track.
  • Be sure of your measurements, allowing for traffic flow between furniture. Be sure that the furniture also fit through doorways and can turn in narrow halls etc.
  • Learn from previous mistakes. Now is the time to assess what you loved and hated in the furniture you are replacing. Use this information to help guide your decision
  • Relax .At the end of the day it is only furniture. In the grand scheme of things your pillow pattern will not be the most critical decision you will make.

Furniture shopping and getting something new for our home should be fun.                      Embrace the adventure and stop overthinking things.