Celebrity Chef Rachael Ray Introduces New Furniture Line

panel cinema bed RR I was a bit cynical that yet another celebrity was lending their name to a furniture line. I did not have high expectations but I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised with the new home collections from celebrity chef Rachael Ray. Better known for her cooking shows, cookbooks, magazines and philanthropy she now adds furniture designer to her repertoire.

We have just floored pieces from the Cinema, Highline, Upstate and Simply Dining collections. They offer our customers a fresh look with an emphasis on clean simple elements that are both classic and functional. Unlike other celebrities that lend their brand to almost anything, Rachael is the actual designing force behind her collections. They represent what she wishes her own furniture would be.

She has brought her practical and down to earth approach to furniture design adding both style and function to every piece. Bedroom vanities and night stands are equipped with electrical outlets and USB. Coffee and end tables have stylish options with ample storage. Kitchen Islands are designed with the expertise that you would expect from a chef. Pull through drawers, pull out storage and built in waste receptacles. She has an exquisite shoe cabinet in her line that will conceal the storage of 48 pairs of shoes. Rachael designs for the way we really live. She has even included coordinating pet beds for your pampered pets and a feeding station with lots of built in storage for leashes and treats.

The finishes are refreshing and the lines are truly timeless.  In her own words, she is “offering designs that are not only beautifully crafted and multipurpose but a great value”.

I would encourage anyone to check out her collection on line or better yet come in and check out these collections in person. There really is a lot to love about the latest celebrity offering.

Dog station RRUpstate island RR