Common Mistakes When Purchasing Furniture

Furniture with bad placement

Purchasing furniture can be overwhelming and mistakes are costly.

I’d like to share with you some common mistakes and pitfalls and hopefully help you avoid them.

Top Five Mistakes When Purchasing Furniture

5. Purchasing items that are not the right scale.

Scale is a difficult subject to master. Colour and style are important things to coordinate in a room but size also matters. Furnishings have to look proportional to each other and your room to look cohesive and in harmony.

4. Shopping with only price in mind.

I am always respectful of my client’s budgets. However, when price is the sole consideration, clients are likely to create rooms that they are ultimately unhappy with. This can end up creating disposable furniture costing you much more in the long run. I can help you put a game plan together to complete your room over time and on budget.

3. Putting off a purchase.

I have dealt with discouraged people who waited just a bit too long, only to discover that am item has been discontinued and is no longer available. Now the process begins again.

2. Purchasing on impulse.

Shop with a plan. Come to the showroom armed with room measurements, paint colours, floor samples, pictures of your room or inspiration. I can help make sure that you are taking all of the relevant factors into account to pull together a well thought out space that will make you and your family proud.

1. Assuming that sales people are not helpful.

I actually do care! I can solve you design challenges and help you create the most beautiful space imaginable. I understand the products that we have available and their options. I am motivated by trust and relationships and hope to work with you on this and many future projects.