Dawn_ScottDawn Scott

Dawn’s educational background in interior design is second to none! She followed her passion with her educational pursuits in architecture and interior design, winning the Dean’s Award upon graduation.

Over the years Dawn has taught interior decorating for the Essex County Board of Education, continuing education courses and for various groups and organizations. With a clear understanding of design principles and a natural, creative flair, custom and quality furniture sales was a natural match for her interests and abilities. Dawn has been selling furniture for 25 years in the US and Canada and EHF is thrilled to have her as part of the team.

Dawn believes that building a trusting relationship with her clients is the foundation upon which good purchase decisions are made.

“With every question asked, the customer’s style emerges, evolving to a comfortable space that they will be happy in for years to come.”

Put Dawn’s extensive experience and customer care commitment to work for you! Please reach out to Dawn: dawn@ehfstyle.com Click here to read Dawn’s Style Savvy articles.

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