Debunking Bunk Beds



Try a Trundle!


Are your children begging for bunk beds? Are you worried it’s a phase…? Concerned that you won’t be able to separate them into 2 beds if it’s a QUICK phase?

Room to small?…ceiling too low?….fights on who gets the top bunk?

Solution, try a trundle! Never heard of such a thing?

A trundle is actually a very old invention originally  made for the wealthy to have a safe place for their small  children to sleep lower to the floor (think really, really tall beds ) Servants also used them to sleep close at hand for that necessary 2 o’clock in the morning ,whatever, need.

Trundles come in many configurations.

Imagine…. two individual beds….storage inbetween and a trundle storage or bed unit underneath.

You’ve used minimal space, minimalheight and no battles…..Nirvana!!!!

So many uses for a trundle…off season clothes storage…major sleep overs,great big toy box….Yes….

Even a hideaway dog bed!REALLY!?!…..didn’t see that coming…..did you!

One of the tricks to trundles is to measure the trundle box itself properly if you are using it as a sleeping space. Length and width are important however, thedepth of the trundle is crucial. Many trundles don’t come with a mattress included. No worries, almost all mattress manufacturers have a ready-made trundle mattress (disguisedas a bunk mattress….ironic isn’t it) in their line up or they can custom make the mattress to fit the new trundle.

Try a Trundle…..It’s an everyday… (bed) space solution!

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