Fallen Out of Love with Loveseats

Fallen Out of Love with Loveseats


 A common combination when purchasing new living room furniture is a sofa and loveseat. Perhaps we think our rooms are too small for anything else. A loveseat which is a smaller version of a sofa is meant to be a seat for two people. On paper this would appear to optimize seating but in real life it is rare to find more than one person sitting on a loveseat. No one wants to sit that close no matter how much they love each other. It’s always the last seat taken at a party if you think about it.visitors-sofa renee blog

Solution 1 

Often times people do not realize (without design consultation) that they actually have room for two sofas as sofas now come in sizes from 77” to 107”.

Solution 2

Try working with two chairs. You’ll build a cozy conversation group and still have your optimum seating for two people

Solution 3

 Arrange four chairs around a large center ottoman with a small sofa off to the side.

Solution 4

 Skip the separate pieces all together and opt for a sectional. You can achieve the same amount of seating creating symmetry and airinessguy-hanging off love renee blog

At the end of the day there are many ways to love your seating without necessarily having to love a loveseat.