Finding Hygge


                            FINDING HYGGE

Hygge pic

It’s fall. The nights are cooler and noticeably shorter which always evokes a desire to cozy things up. One of the latest Scandi trends to influence the design world could help us all cope with a winter that seems to last forever. The Danes value a quality of life they describe as Hygge.

Hygge, which is pronounced  HUE-gah is described as, the quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well –being according to Wikipedia.

The Danish, who are deemed to be one of the happiest cultures on Earth, are focused on warmth, presence, togetherness, family, friends and comfort. A simpler lifestyle that values sipping, instead of mass consumption. Gatherings with friends , pot lucks lingering at the table long after dinner is done, warm blankets , candles, hot cocoa ( Glogg if you are in Denmark) all fall into the category of Hygge. This trend embraces gratitude and simple pleasures that make us feel warm and safe and connected to those we love.  This is a trend worth jumping onto.

I love my home and while I know there is a big wide world out there it is still my favorite place to be. Home should be where you feel safe and comfortable. A place filled with warm memories and simple comforts. If you feel like getting your Hygge on this winter here are a few things you’ll need besides great warm socks and the perfect cocoa mug .Think lanterns, candles, cozy blankets to cuddle under, a large gathering table to share family time or even board games and a fireplace.

 Turn off the TV and put your phones and tablets down. Reconnect with loved ones and watch your happiness quotient rise.

 Happy Hygge to one and all!