Finding The Right Size Table


There are many things to consider when purchasing a dining table. My clients are often confused about how big they can go and they want to get it right.

It is an important decision and there are many things to consider.  How many people do you need to seat? How large is your room? What shape is your room? Where is your chandelier or lighting placed? Are there any serving or storage pieces that need to be considered in your space plan?

In general I recommend that customers choose a table shape that is similar to the shape of your room. If your room is rectangular then a table that is rectangular or oval would probably work best. Square and round tables often suit square rooms best. A large table in a large room will ground the space and look proportionate. If your space is on the smaller side a round table that has additional leaves might be your ticket. It will allow you to keep your table smaller when not in use  and will leave you with lots of space around it for traffic flow.  In general, when you are planning your dining space you want to leave a minimum of 3 feet of space between your table edge and the wall so that chairs can move in and out easily. I have included a chart that shows some common sizes and how many people that size generally seats. Don’t forget to take into account any over sized chairs that you are throwing into the mix.

Rect. table chart

Round table chart

Think it through carefully and you’ll be rewarded by years of comfortable dining with family and friends.