How To Choose The Proper Area Rug For Your Space



So you have finished your furniture placement, décor is done, prints are on the wall but something is not right. It could very well be your area rug. I am asked almost daily, how do you know what the proper size is? Area rugs done properly are like putting the perfect piece of jewelry on with your dress.


Ihow to choose the right rug sizef you look to the diagram on the left I think House & Home has done a terrific job explaining this concept. I found this little diagram on Pinterest and refer my clients to it all of the time. In the top picture you’ll notice that the rug is just floating in the center of the room. This actually makes the room look smaller and is not ideal or pleasing to the eye.


The arrangement in the second picture is better but it is still not the best it can be. Having a large enough rug to place the front legs of the furniture on grounds the space and makes the room feel more defined.


The final picture truly is the best. The 9X12 rug really frames the room! Notice that the area rug fits under most of the furniture legs and the end tables too. This arrangement  is the most visually appealing. It is properly proportioned and looks thoughtful. Area rugs are a big investment but they truly do finish a room. Purchasing the wrong size rug can be an expensive mistake. You want your rug to be the perfect finishing touch not one that distracts from your overall design.


Let me pass along one more tip. Don’t be afraid to bring more pattern into your room using area rugs. It is the layering of patterns that really creates a visually interesting room with depth and character. Be sure to choose a patterned rug that has two or three of the tones of the colours that you are decorating with in your room.