How to Make Your Room Feel Larger

How to Make Your Room Feel Larger


This may be one of the most often asked questions of me. There are lots of little tips and tricks I’d like to share that can make even the tiniest room seem spacious.


Larger space


  • Consider painting your walls a light colour to reflect sunlight and make the room feel larger
  • Using sheer drapery is a great choice for keeping things light and airy
  • Hang drapery a few inches from the ceiling and extend the rod beyond the width of the window. This gives the illusion of a much larger window and higher ceilings as well.
  • Don’t discount the use of dark wall colours completely. Dark colours can make the walls recede and will keep your eyes focused on your furnishings. Paint will never change the square footage of a space but why not go for drama and interest?
  • Clever use of mirrors is another decorator’s tip to make a room look larger. A floor length mirror can make a room look taller. Long mirrors placed horizontally can help a space feel wider. Be sure to be aware of what your mirror is reflecting. You don’t want to reflect doors and trim. Try placing a mirror across from a window or even behind a large piece of furniture.
  • Keep yourwalls , floors and furniture similar colours and hues. This can also help a room feel more expansive

A well designed room of any dimension should always make a statement about you and the way you want to live. Big or small or something in between love your space and fill it with things that make you happy!


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