Inspiration From Around the World

Lauras picture cropped 

Inspiration From Around the World


    In some ways the world has become smaller and more interconnected. The cycle of trends from the fashion world are colliding with the furniture world in shorter and shorter time frames.

   Many principles of fashion can be successfully applied to interior decorating. A great outfit consists of great layers. A mix and balance of solids, prints and textures with just the right accents or accessories. I love layering bold patterns and blocks of colour. Why not do the same with your décor?


   I think that vibrant colours will be making their way back into our homes again. Think about punches of hot pinks or lime greens to perk up your space. I am inspired by the beautiful and colourful saris of India and the artful way that bold solids and interesting prints are mixed. Why not step out and play with layering prints and accent colours. Choose them as an accent or build a whole room around them. Don’t be afraid, mix it up. The interior design images that usually get the most attention are not usually rooms awash in beige.

  Call it Boho, call it tribal call it global, call it whatever you like but I encourage you to embrace new colour combinations and influences from other cultures. Layers, layers, layers make it interesting.

Make it Home!