Interior Design: Elements and Principles

Have you ever watched a television show on interior design and wonder how the designers create such a beautiful space?

Successful designers understand the basic elements and principles of design and these two factors can be applied to all creative ventures; cooking, fashion, art, product design and interior design. I apply these fundamentals to all my projects when working with clients at Essex Home Furnishings.

The basic elements and principles can be learned and with practice you can perfect their application. Once you become aware of them, you will be able to see how they work together to produce a beautiful space.

Let’s analyze photos of finished rooms and discover how the elements and principles of design have been used. Once learned you too will be able to start using them to your advantage.

There are six elements of design.

  1. Space
  2. Line
  3. Form
  4. Colour
  5. Texture
  6. Light

When designing a room you use the above elements by applying different principles.

The 5 basic principles are:

  1. Proportion and scale
  2. Emphasis or focal point
  3. Balance
  4. Unity, rhythm and harmony
  5. Contrast

In future blog I will explain each of these topics so that you learn what they mean and how they related to designing a beautiful space. Step by step, these ideas will all fall into place.

Below we have 2 photos of dining rooms.

Beautifully decorated dining room

Gorgeous dining room

In your own words I would like you to describe these two rooms. Try using some of the 6 elements or the 5 principles of interior design. At the end of my series it will be interesting to see if your description of these rooms change or become more detailed.

Please check back for my future article!