International Trade Wars Playing Out in Your Livingroom


canada flag  What does the recent Trade War mean for you as a furniture consumer? Recent actions and reactions from North American Super Powers have impacted the Canadian consumer in general and have hit the furniture consumer in particular.

As of July 1 all upholstered goods originating from the US were hit with a 10% duty and price tags everywhere are reflecting that. Increased costs have not yet trickled down to Canadian manufacturers but it probably will not be long as some manufacturers may be getting tariffed components from U.S. Suppliers.  The weakened Canadian dollar is an additional reason we could see prices creep up in the short term.

EHF has always heavily supported the Canadian Furniture industry.  We have found excellent quality and workmanship in both case goods, like dining and bedroom furniture as well as in upholstery.  Canadian furniture manufacturers have a long standing tradition of building quality products that are durable.  When you buy Canadian you are supporting the employment of skilled artisans working in safe, regulated factories. You are also supporting the environment. Canadian manufacturers adhere to very strict legislation regarding reforestation to ensure that our natural resources are replenished and handled responsibly.

Coast to coast small and medium sized furniture companies inject more than 10 billion dollars into our economy according to Stats Canada. In case you need another reason to buy Canadian think of the carbon footprint that is being reduced by purchasing goods that have not travelled half way around the world before landing in your home.

We may always have some offerings from our southern neighbours  but the thrust of our business will continue to support the Canadian Furniture Industry. We all play a role in keeping our citizens employed and our country strong and prosperous.

There really is no better time to buy Canadian.