Learn To Outfit A Room and Shop Smart!

Room being renovated.What do you say to an empty room?

With so many people devastated with the flood damage, starting to rebuild your lower level can be a daunting task.

Here’s a step by step plan to help you outfit a room, shop smart, and turn your dreams into reality.

What is your rooms life story?

Is your family formal, neat, casual, or do you have terrible two’s running around destroying everything in sight? Factor in your families life style needs, do you or your children entertain a lot?

How do you want it to live, look and feel?

  • Don’t worry what your friends will think; your furnishings should be strictly personal, based on your family needs, lifestyle and design tastes.
  • Choose one great piece as your focal point; A warm cozy fireplace, stunning rustic bar or wall unit.
  • List your needs; Determine what you need to buy now. Incorporate existing pieces with new.
  • Set a budget, we all want a million dollar looking home, but let’s be realistic sometimes our budget just doesn’t allow it.
  • Let me use our design program to help plan your room or use graph paper to you’re room, draw in closets, windows, doors, fireplaces etc.
  • Place the sofa and chairs in your plan, allow  30″ for walkways, leave 14-18″ between a sofa and coffee table and at least 3′ of pull out space for chairs around a table or bar area.
  • If you’re having a hard time visualizing your space, clip magazine photos of rooms you love. Take them shopping with you. We’ll help turn your vision into reality.
  • Choose simple upholsteries, durable fabrics in neutral colours, subtle patterns and textures, add visual interest with pillows and carpets. Have fun by incorporating that bargain piece of furniture you carted home from a flea market. Your room should love the things you love!

Have fun, Enjoy your new room!