Let’s Get Inspired

The English Oxford Liviinspo fabricsresizeng Dictionary defines inspiration as: The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

In home décor sometimes the hardest part of any project is feeling the inspiration to get started. You need a jumping off point, something that gets the ball rolling so to speak.

Inspiration can come from just about anywhere. Shelter magazines, decorating shows and decorating sites like Houzz are some obvious places to start. While they can help you zero in on the kinds of things that you are drawn to they can be frustrating. It is difficult to source the things you find there locally at an affordable price. Social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest can also be a great source of inspiration with similar downfalls.
Colour inspiration can literally come from anywhere. Nature has a wonderful way of combining colours in ways that are organic and soothing. Your favorite nature photo is inspiration for a wonderful palette. A favorite piece of Art can get the ball rolling and don’t overlook the world of fashion. Some of my favorite schemes have come from beautiful scarves and fabric. If I love a colour combination in something that is not related to décor I am confident that it is going to work.
Not too long ago we asked ourselves, “How are we inspiring our customers?” Frankly, we were feeling a little uninspired ourselves. Our owners went to the High Pointe Furniture show this spring and they got inspired. When they returned, we revamped the entire store. Our end goal, to be a source of inspiration to our customers. We’ve incorporated on trend colours, new suppliers and models and exciting room layouts.
If you haven’t visited us in a while please do.

Hopefully you’ll leave feeling very inspired.