Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror Mirror On The Wall


Mirror, mirrors on the wall….mirrors on the table…mirrors in the hall!

Decorating with mirrors is one of my favorite go-to’s as a designer and for good reason.

Mirrors provide reflection of natural light to make a room look airier. They can also be used to add dimension to a small room, giving it height and depth.

I like using multiple mirrors hung to create interesting vignettes. They look great grouped together whether they are all coordinated or as a point of interest on their own!

Mirror Mirror on the wall
You cannot go wrong with mirrors as an accessory as opposed to choosing art.

Mirrors are available in styles that are anything from contemporary to country, wall hanging or ‘wall leaning’.

Mirrors can also be used together to accentuate artwork.Try taking a larger picture and lean a smaller mirror in front to create a layered effect.

Do not like mirrors on your wall, mirrored furniture also create a sense of openness and airiness, just a little lower to the ground.

Have a beautiful area carpet? Watch the gorgeous colours and patterns multiply, simply with the use of a mirrored cocktail table.

Happy Reflections!

Mirrors are the new Monet!