More Than A Furniture store – A Client’s Story

More Than A Furniture store – A Client’s Story

Not too long ago our team here at EHF had encountered a client who had just moved into town. She was distraught, scared and lonely. Due to circumstances beyond her control she found herself starting her life over at the age of 58.

She had accepted a job in Windsor, far away from her family and friends. she moved here with only her clothes and her cat packed in her car, literally starting from scratch. She moved from rooming houses to rooming house all the while saving for an apartment of her own.

The EHF team was touched by her story and rallied around. We helped her pick out furniture, accessories, and paint colours. beyond being sources of inspiration and a shoulder to cry on, some of the girls even donated housewares and things that they no longer had use for.

She became a friend and we all shared her excitement with each new purchase. I felt incredibly proud to be part of the EHF team. Our store is not just about furniture and design, it is first and for most a store focused on people.

It has been rewarding to watch this client grow, gain confidence and self-worth making steady progress down the road to happiness and success. I think everyone of us at EHF learned something from this process. We are humbled and proud to call her our friend. we are also reminded that it is an honor to help someone create a haven for themselves, a comfortable place that is safe and pleasing. I’ve never thought my job is just selling furniture. I help people such as this client to create a HOME. There is really nothing more satisfying!

More than a Furniture Store - A Client’s Story More than a Furniture Store - A Client’s Story