Neutral Does Not Mean Boring


I often advise my clients to stick with neutral colours because it leaves them open to so many options.

I recently discovered the value in this advice personally. Believe it or not we all make decorating mistakes, even when we are in the business.

When I last redecorated my family room I chose a neutral coloured sectional with accents in browns, rust and burnt orange. I chose an oversized ottoman and toss pillows in the fabric pictured below. This was a big change for me as my home is filled with hues of blues and creams. After I received my furniture and finished all the accessories I just could not, feel it.


Becky Blog Warm Pallette


Three years later I admitted my mistake. While it all worked together it just was not me. With a bit of tweaking I am finally happy. I changed out my pillows, changed up some art work and slip covered my ottoman.  I found a way to get my deep Navies and creams into this room without having to replace any of the large pieces of furniture. By the way Navy is Back and it is being considered the New Black!


Becky blog Finished room

I still have some rust in the carpet but it all works well. Had I not kept my larger pieces in a neutral palette this would not have been possible. My advice to anyone purchasing new furniture is to stay Neutral.  You can easily get different looks by swapping out art work, pillows and paint, like I did.

I still have a few changes to make in this room like lamps and accessories but I will be patient till I find the right pieces.

If you have made a mistake, admit it and move on. Hopefully you are just a few tweaks away from the look you so deserve.