Never Judge A Chair By It’s Cover

The perfect chair could be sitting right under your nose. You may have walked right past it in a showroom and not even noticed it.

One of the things I really love about working at Essex Home Furnishings is our amazing array of Canadian upholstery suppliers. I love being able to offer my customers well built furniture with fabric choices to suit every taste and style.

I always tell my clients to look at each piece of furniture with fresh eyes. What I mean by that is, don’t discount a choice because you don’t like the covering that we’ve displayed it in. You may look at that red chair and say,” I would never put a red chair in my house”. When you shop at EHF you have options, don’t like red, no problem. I will guide you through your choices to find the perfect fabric to complement your look or maybe inspire a whole new one and at sale prices too.

When shopping for furniture concentrate on size, style and most importantly comfort. Once you have decided on these elements choosing fabrics is the easy part. Changing a fabric can completely change its look taking you from casual to formal or from traditional to transitional. It may be hard to believe but the chairs in the photo are the exact same model, that’s the beauty of fabric.

There is nothing that I love more than helping a client create something that completely expresses their personality and completely fills their family’s needs.

Shopping for furniture should be fun, and it is when you know what you are really looking for. Think beyond the obvious. The next time you go furniture shopping remember to shop with fresh eyes and to never judge a chair by it’s cover!


Red Wingback Chair         Stripe Wingback Chair         wingback Chair - Reclinging