Small Spaces Can Have Extraordinary Style!

Luxury Tufted Headboard Just because a room is short on space doesn’t mean it has to be short on style. Small Spaces can have extraordinary style!

A small space is a great opportunity to create a special spot with tons of personality.

I recommend my clients follow a few guidelines to ensure their success.

  • Keep your space clean and uncluttered
  • Remember that sometimes less is more, this definitely applies to small spaces
  • Choose a focal point and work your room around it
  • Choose a soft colour palette to keep your space looking airy
  • Don’t forget to add interesting details. Don’t be afraid to put a bit of Bling in your space. For example, mirrored side tables, tufted upholstery or glass buttons can add some character to an otherwise bland room.

For instance, consider turning your tired spare room into a welcoming retreat for your guests.

Choose a grand looking bed with great details. This tufted headboard by Décor Rest brings luxury and a touch of class to this once forgotten room. Its glass buttons bring in just the right amount of sparkle to make this room feel special. This company offers a huge selection of fabrics so that you can create a look all on your own!

Every room in your home deserves to be your favorite room! Bring a touch of luxury and style to each space you touch, large or small.