Elements of Design: Segment #3

   The basic elements + principles of design: Segment #3


The shape of an area will need to be known and understood so that when the principles are applied, the desired results will occur. For example long narrow rooms can feel less tunnel-like by proper placement of colour and patterns on the wall. The shape of the room will also influence the furniture arrangement.


Colour is probably the single most effective element in a decorating project. It affects us psychologically and emotionally. Painting is the most economical way to alter the look and feel of a room. A few basics to remember are:

  1. Warm colours such as red, orange, and yellow tend to advance the item that they are applied to. A red sofa against a cream coloured wall makes the sofa seem visually closer when sitting in front of a cream coloured wall.
  2. A cream coloured sofa disappears into a cream coloured wall and does not advance the wall or the sofa.
  3. Cool colours such as greens and blues tend to recede, disappear and create a light airy atmosphere.

the basic elements + principles of design    the basic elements + principles of design