The Copper Buzz


The Copper Buzz


With all of the emphasis on health and wellness these days it would make sense that we are seeing some interesting advancements in the technology that goes into sleep sets. Copper infused into gel and fabrics is one of the latest trends to hit the mattress world.

copper spring

Copper bracelets have long been worn to promote wellness and relieve pain and discomfort from arthritis and other inflammatory ailments. Now you can enjoy some of the same benefits by sleeping on a copper infused mattress. Stay active all day and spend your sleeping hours recovering and actually benefiting your health.

Copper ions can be absorbed by our bodies helping us absorb calcium which of course is essential in bone health and helps to ward off osteoporosis. Copper is also an effective anti- inflammatory which helps with aching joints without any of the harmful effects of medications like NSAIDS and other drugs. Copper helps us absorb iron which helps improve blood circulation as well.

Copper has long been known for its heat conducting properties, think copper plumbing pipes. This characteristic can help keep us cool by pulling heat away from us as we sleep.Misha ccBlog

Copper is antibacterial and anti-microbial which means that it helps keep your mattress free from odors and bacteria as well.

If all of that hasn’t convinced you that you need a copper infused mattress yet I’ve saved one of the best claims for last.

Copper ions help our bodies produce collagen which as our aging population can attest, is essential for the production of elastin which keeps our skin firm and youthful.  A mattress that can help prevent wrinkles who needs another reason to give it a try?

Sleep really is about a lot more than comfort; it is about your health!